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Born in Angola (Africa) in 1966. I am the youngest and only girl of 3 siblings. Raised within a well known science linked family, I got used to being the extreme emotional member of the clan. My mother and grandmother were self-taught painters and from a very young age I was encouraged to play with colour and to express myself through mark making. Since then I knew that my life would be linked to art and creativity because that was where I felt fulfilled and happy.

Intuitive, sensitive and explosive. I am all but indifferent or monotonous, I believe my paintings express an unconventional way of painting. I don’t do it to please others but very much to purge feelings and emotions in order to feel balanced and happy. I am inspired by my deepest emotions and I paint in a natural environment…I find it helps me to get connected more easily to my inner self voice. Through painting, I manage to dig deep inside myself, connect to my emotions and express them in a free, intuitive, raw, authentic and spontaneous manner. Painting from within, is the materialisation of my inner voice. Each painting mirrors my emotions regarding a certain period of my life. I express myself through colour and gesturalism. When I paint my emotions, most of the time I’m not aware of what I am doing…I don’t plan, I simply let go and let the magic happen. When I finish a painting, to me, they seem to have a proper scent and sound as part of its message.

I studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Coimbra (ARCA-EUAC) as well as at the technical school of image and communication (ETIC) in Lisbon.
In the beginning of my professional career, I worked as a graphic designer in publicity agencies having later evolved into tv director, producer, marketing and communication roles. 
Despite being a designer, tv director, producer, marketeer, teacher, entrepreneur and manager in my 30 plus years career, painting was always a parallel rail but I kept it reserved to my core family and friends. I am also an art collector myself.

I tend to relate with those artists usually called abstract expressionists or action painters, such as Helen Frankenthaler, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter or Franz Kline, but I also appreciate the likes of Tomas Roth if I had to point an example.

I am a happy human, deeply in love and fulfilled. Currently living a new stage of my life, I feel that I have managed to eliminate the noise. By my own desire the option was then to give painting a voice and therefore making it my sole and main activity.

I am to present soon my first solo exhibition - A SENSE OF (E)MOTION – that is taking place this October, 2021, at the Artview Gallery in Lisbon.

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